JSU Men’s Tennis Notice of Violations

A former Jackson State University head men’s tennis coach knowingly allowed a men’s tennis student-athlete, who was a non-qualifier, to practice, receive travel expenses and, in one instance, to compete under the name of another student-athlete according to the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions.  Additionally, the former head men’s tennis coach provided impermissible recruiting inducements to the student-athlete. The student-athlete enrolled and competed for the university while ineligible during the spring of 2015.

This case was resolved through a summary disposition process (SDR), a cooperative effort in which the involved parties collectively submit the case to the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions in written form.  The NCAA enforcement staff and the university must agree to the facts of the case for this process to be used instead of having a formal hearing.

The NCAA credited the university’s prompt self-detection, disclosure, acknowledgement, and acceptance of the violation.

The penalties include:

  • One year probation
  • $5,000 financial penalty
  • A two-year show cause for the men’s tennis coach
  • Public reprimand and censure
  • Vacate any records pertaining to the contest(s) in which the student-athlete competed under an assumed name and while ineligible

Click here to see the NCAA Committee on Infractions report